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We have been asking ourselves that question since we began our operations in 2006. At Valeta, we understand that the first and last impression of a venue lies in the hands of the valet.

We offer customers the assurance that their vehicle is in the finest care. We provide industry standard service by which all others are measured.

we make
sure that every
interaction with
our company is simple
positive, and stress-free.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Philosophy

We understand that providing valet service is more than simply parking cars; it is about creating a five-star experience for each customer.

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Our Staff

Our knowledgeable staff provides expert execution and exceptional customer service that are unmatched in the industry.

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Our Services

We are recognized as the best at what we do and provide industry standard service by which all others are measured.

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I just wanted to say that I LOVE this service. I am completely happy and satisfied. You have taken my "fear of flying" away...I will never again have to worry about finding a parking spot or remembering where I parked my car!! …everyone needs to be a little spoiled....thank you!!


We LOVED the service. Our valet was right there when I left and helped me with bags and right there to meet us on our return. Such great attitudes and so helpful. I am telling all our friends about it!!


All of the employees were friendly and helpful! Thank you for making our first time at Great Wolf Lodge even more memorable! We will use your services again!

Great Wolf Lodge Guest

I used your service for the first time yesterday when I couldn't find a parking spot in the C terminal at DFW. It was so great, especially when I got home at midnight and had the car waiting with a bottle of water inside. I'm just sorry I haven't used your service before!


Valeta is hands down the best way to park at DFW Airport. They are fast, convenient, and always get it right. Thanks for this great service. Now I can spend more time on the important things rather than driving around a full parking garage.


I have been using Valeta for the last couple of months and I just wanted to congratulate you finding and filling a huge niche. I absolutely love your service and all your folks have just been great. I have told everyone I know about the service.


They never complained when I asked for them to pull my car around and then re-park after I loaded it up so I could enjoy the park for the rest of the day.

Great Wolf Lodge Guest

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Our customers recognized the superior performance of our employees and requested that we offer the same experience at their events and venues.

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