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Curb-side Drop Off & Pick Up

The most simple off-site parking provider you will find. When you use Valeta, our friendly staff will:      

  • Greet you at your car or in our offices if you so choose
  • Provide you access to our easy to use text notification system 
  • Take care of your bags
  • Track your return flight so that we can quickly pick you up when you text that you have arrived back home.


I wish my own employees gave as good of service as Valeta.

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Full-Service Parking 
at DFW Airport

The Only Valet Service With:

Electric Car
Drop Off
Lowest Prices for Covered Parking on the South Side


Pick Up
Nearly Unlimited
Service Options



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Premium Services

Car Wash

Full Detail

Oil Change

State Inspection


Fuel Fill Up


Park Place Maintenance

What People
Are Saying

I just wanted to say that I LOVE this service. I am completely happy and satisfied. You have taken my "fear of flying" away...I will never again have to worry about finding a parking spot or remembering where I parked my car!! …everyone needs to be a little spoiled....thank you!!
- Kathy C.
… we LOVED the service. Our valet was right there when I left and helped me with bags and right there to meet us on our return. Such great attitudes and so helpful. I am telling all our friends about it!!
- Cheri and Pat S.
I used your service for the first time yesterday when I couldn't find a parking spot in the C terminal at DFW. It was so great, especially when I got home at midnight and had the car waiting with a bottle of water inside. I'm just sorry I haven't used your service before!
- Therese C.
Valeta is hands down the best way to park at DFW Airport. They are fast, convenient, and always get it right. Thanks for this great service. Now I can spend more time on the important things rather than driving around a full parking garage.
-Mark B.
…I have been using Valeta for the last couple of months and I just wanted to congratulate you finding and filling a huge niche. I absolutely love your service and all your folks have just been great. I have told everyone I know about the service.
- Buzz S.